The Dirty Secret: Diarrheal illnesses – What’s the Diff?

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines diarrhea as an illness that causes you to pass waste from your body very frequently and in liquid rather than solid form. Knowing only that is not enough to pass the Family Medicine examination. The Review Course in Family Medicine reviews the key features of diarrhea that you need to know for the exam. EXAM STUDY TIPS Could it be HIV or Immunosuppression? These are not typically at the top of your differential but that’s a key thing to rule out in a patient with chronic diarrhea. Remembering key but simple things like that is what The Review Course is for. It will improve your exam performance and your future practice. Here are The Review Course in Fam

Don’t Let Dyspepsia Turn Your Stomach

EXAM STUDY TIPS One of the most common questions we get from residents interested in The Review Course is, “How are you going to teach all of the family med exam topics in 2 days?” To answer this question, let’s look at what you need to know for Dyspepsia. We are committed to helping residents succeed when writing the Family Med exam. When peparing for the Family Medicine exam, for a patient with dyspepsia, you must be able to: rule out cardiac causes determine the cause know the alarm features That’s it! Because there are several brief topics like this (which will actually be covered in separate lectures on Chest Pain or Abdominal Pain), The Review Course will have sufficient time to serve

Don't let the exam break you: Osteoporosis

EXAM STUDY TIPS If you’re asked on the Family Medicine exam how you’d manage a patient with osteoporosis, don’t forget to include all of the non-medical treatments. As you’ll learn in The Review Course, MANAGEMENT = MORE THAN MEDICATION. To get extra marks on the exam beyond just the current medical options for treatment of osteoporosis, be sure to consider how you might incorporate this into any scenario and for any exam question. How would this change what you do on an exam? Think of a scenario where you are interviewing a patient who presents with questions about their own risk for osteoporosis. What NOT to do: Don’t just request a bone mineral density and tell them you’ll follow up with


EXAM STUDY TIP Approaches will save your bacon. Mnemonics can be great, but they’re not always easy to remember. Is pancreatitis PANCREATITIS? Or MUDPILES? Or Some Lovers Try Positions That They Can’t Handle? Have you come up with a rational, logical approach to each topic? If so, you might find it very straightforward to outline your history, physical, investigations and management. If not - fear not, we have developed some which you'll learn at The Review Course! I’m a simple person and so when I think infertility I think simple anatomy. Let’s follow the egg from start to (hopefully) finish to take a thorough yet concise history for infertility. The egg is released from the ovary. Or is it
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