Menopause: The Pause That Refreshes?

EXAM STUDY TIPS If ever there was a time to remember The Review Course tip that Management = More than Medication it’s the management of menopause. HRT works, works well and is far more safe than most patients believe when used appropriately but it’s generally an uphill battle to slog through all the bad press surrounding the WHI. Furthermore, if you suggest HRT as the only treatment for hot flashes you’re going to miss a lot of points on an exam! First, tell your patient to Avoid Triggers. Alcohol, hot drinks and warm environments are predictable triggers. Second, consider Lifestyle Measures. Weight loss, smoking cessation and regular aerobic exercise have all been shown to reduce frequency

Don't let Depression get you down

EXAM STUDY TIPS An exam patient presents with classic symptoms of dysthymia. Her symptoms take up most of the day, on most days, for at least 2 years (just like Family Medicine residency). I state DYSTHYMIA as the diagnosis. I’d be marked wrong. Why? Dysthymia has been removed with the latest iteration of the DSM V! We are in a transition now where you may have learned DSM IV diagnoses in medical school and your clinical rotations, but you need to be up to date on the most recent clinical standards. Psychiatry forms a large part of the examination and will be a large part of your practice so make sure you dedicate enough time to the subject matter. Here are some key tips that you need to kee

Don’t let Dizziness make your head spin

EXAM STUDY TIPS – DIZZINESS Dizziness can be an overwhelming and broad topic to study for, let alone in clinical practice – where do you even begin? Just like all major problems, you need to have a well-organized approach to dizziness to take a good history or answer exam questions. Dizziness can be caused by a problem with the wiring (nerves, such as vestibular neuritis) the processor (stroke, MS, tumour, migraine) the balance sensors (BPPV, shingles in the otic system – Ramsay Hunt Syndrome which you should suspect if you see VZV vesicles in the ear) the pipes (CVA, vasculitis), what’s in the pipes (clot, dissection, prescription drug, or an over the counter drug or supplement or toxin) …
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