So your next patient is a Syrian refugee...

With refugees from Syria beginning to enter Canada this month, you should know how to manage patients with this medical history. You may see them in your clinic or in your hospital rotations. As well, immigrant health is one of the CFPC's 99 topics - so it is worth studying for the exam! Be sure to review our previous blog post So your next exam question is about a recent immigrant: 3 things to know. If you have a patient who is a Syrian refugee: WHAT TO EXAMINE - Vitals - Visual acuity - Rule out dental disease - Symptom-directed exam WHAT TO CONSIDER GIVING - Age-appropriate vaccinations for children (MMR, TDaP, HBV, Polio etc) - Varicella vaccine if < 13 yrs old - HBV vaccine i

Five DON'Ts from CFP's new 2015 lipid guidelines

Some of you might have read all 11 pages of the recent CFP article on Simplified Lipid Guidelines in the Canadian Family Physician but for those of you thinking about the exam coming up and leaving your medical journals safely in plastic we have done the work for you. Our goal at The Review Course is to give you what we wished we had been given. So if you are still thinking about the article make sure to read pages 858 and 861. That’s where you'll find the very basics that you need to know for practice and for the exam. EXAM STUDY TIPS Remember a key mantra of The Review Course: Management = More than Medication! It’s easy enough to remember that statin therapy can help in lowering lipids bu

Urgent or elective? Four things to know about the new Prostate Referral guidelines

What do you do for a patient with a prostate nodule? What if his PSA is reassuringly low? Should you even order a PSA in the first place? This year, the Canadian Family Physician journal published 2015 referral guidelines on suspected prostate cancer. Four things to know from these new guidelines: 1. Remember the 10-20 rule. That's the PSA cutoff for low, medium, and high risk for requiring nonurgent, semiurgent (10-20), and urgent (>20) referral. 2. The above rule doesn’t apply if the patient has prostate findings. All patients with hard or irregular prostate on DRE need to see a urologist; the question is how soon. For patients with prostate findings, the cutoff is 10; below that, nonurgen


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HOW TO: Get bonus points on your addictions history (3 of 3)

This is the final part of a 3-part series to help you prepare for exam questions on addictive disorders (see our archives at for the previous posts on this topic), since we know not every resident gets comprehensive training on addictions medicine. To get bonus points on your substance use history exam, or to identify further problem areas in patients of your practice, there are 3 things you can do for a more comprehensive addictions history: 1) Quantify their substance use 2) Find out if there is another addictive disorder 3) Find out how severely their use impacts their life Today we’ll cover Topic #3; here's how. 3) Find out how severely their use impacts
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