Four Pearls from SOGC's Contraception Consensus

SHORT ANSWER MANAGEMENT POP QUIZ: SOGC guidelines recommend the timing of IUD insertion be at ____ weeks after delivery. A patient with IUD presents with a positive pregnancy test. What's your next management step? How does the copper IUD affect endometrial cancer risk? List THREE required criteria for lactional amennorrhea to achieve maximum effectiveness Here at The Review Course, we're busy reviewing new guidelines so you don't have to! Below are four pearls from the SOGC's new Canadian Contraception Consensus so you can make sure you are suggesting the latest, guideline-based care! We'll follow up soon with three more notes on current Canadian contraceptive guidelines. 1. Consider immedi

SOO Fine-tuning: 3 questions to ask yourself, PLUS Do’s and Don’ts

Over my years serving as a mock SOO examiner for residents and practicing physicians, I've seen several candidates who were excellent - and others who didn't quite get it. Here are a few of my notes to help your CCFP exam preparation: learn from the best candidates I’ve seen - and also from the mistakes of others. Ask yourself these 3 things: 1) Are you treating the SOO exam as if it were an OSCE? Remember, a SOO examiner’s script is often 25+ pages long. Though rattling off dozens of questions per minute may serve you well on an OSCE, candidates who asked me rapid-fire questions missed a key point: the “illness experience” is absolutely foundational to every single SOO station. Rapid-fire q

The Review Course 2016 The Week Before Study Guide

Check your e-mail! Attendees of The Review Course 2016 have now received The Review Course 2016 Week Before Study Guide. In it, you'll find tips to focus your last-minute studying, and important concepts that you need to quiz yourself on! As well, it includes some new information and helpful tips which expand upon the content you learned at The Review Course 2016. Click Here to Download - for The Review Course attendees only (Requires the password provided to The Review Course attendees) We listened to The Review Course attendees: As you requested, we’ve included extra space for you to write notes in this guide. Best of luck on your upcoming exam! From all of us at The Review Course

Important Changes to the Canadian Family Medicine Certification Examination for 2016

Editor's note (April 1, 2016) - Thank you for the many e-mail inquiries we have received regarding the post below. In case you are considering e-mailing us about this post, please kindly read to the end, as many of the questions we have received are answered in the post below. TORONTO - The Canadian Certification Examination for Family Practice is expected to undergo major changes for 2016, including a change to a new "open-book" format, according to an announcement sent to residency program directors Thursday. "Family physicians and family practice residents increasingly use point-of-care resources to aid their clinical practice, so it only makes sense that the examination assesses readines
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