ACLS 2015: What’s new? & Exam Tip

SHORT ANSWER MANAGEMENT POP QUIZ: What is the role of vasopressin in the 2015 ACLS Guidelines? What FiO2 should be used during resuscitation? What is the goal temperature range for cooling comatose patients after ROSC? (Answers are in the blog post below.) EXAM TIP: Remember that “none” is a perfectly acceptable answer on the SAMPs, according to the CFPC’s website. For the first question in our Pop Quiz above, “none” is the correct answer. ACLS: ACLS 2015 new guidelines were just released. You should be familiar with all of the recommendations, but especially the highlights, which include: Forget vasopressin. Do not wait for epinephrine if no shock available or rhythm unshockable (PEA, asyst

Two memory tricks to help you recall NRP

SHORT ANSWER MANAGEMENT POP QUIZ: According to the 2015 AHA guidelines, how long after birth should the cord be clamped if a cord avulsion is noted? Which THREE features should be assessed immediately after birth to determine if a newborn requires stimulation? List FIVE immediate interventions for a newborn that is born with poor tone. (Answers are in the blog post below or the linked NRP guidelines.) Attending a delivery to care for a newborn who may require resuscitation at birth is sure to make your pulse go up - keep your cool by remember this mnemonic for babies that require further intervention after your initial assessment. TRICK #1 - TONE / TEARS / TERM Ask yourself: TONE – is baby m

More Pearls from SOGC's Contraception Consensus

SHORT ANSWER MANAGEMENT POP QUIZ: What is more effective for contraception for females - tubal ligation or IUD? What is the minimum age for tubal ligation surgery, as recommended by the SOGC? List THREE options for emergency contraception. Below are three more pearls from the SOGC's new Canadian Contraception Consensus so you can make sure you are suggesting the latest, guideline-based care! (See our post with the previous four here.) 5. Did you know a progesterone IUD is more effective than a tubal ligation and about equivalent to vasectomy? Make sure any patient desiring permanent sterilization has been well counselled about the efficacy and safety of IUDs. 6. Age and parity alone are not
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