Can you name these AUB treatments? (Plus EXAM TIP: Who you should be on exam day)

SHORT ANSWER MANAGEMENT POP QUIZ: For a patient with abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB): - List THREE classes of hormonal medications you would recommend - List TWO classes of NONhormonal medications you would recommend - List THREE surgeries used to treat AUB CFP articles are great exam study resources! For example -- check out this article from 2015 on Abnormal Uterine Bleeding. Try reading the case stem and covering up the investigations paragraph -- ask yourself what investigations would you order for this patient. Then have a look at the recommended investigations. Did you get them all? Did you request an endometrial biopsy? I can't emphasize enough the importance of the endometrial biopsy

35 Tips for Senior Family Med Residents & New-In-Practice Physicians

Congratulations to the many attendees of The Review Course who have contacted us and told us that they were successful on their CCFP exam! We're thrilled we could help. To help you transition in to practice, we've compiled some useful tips from your colleagues in this infographic. We hope you find it helpful!

Should you screen for IPV? (Hint: Canadian and US guidelines disagree)

SHORT ANSWER MANAGEMENT POP QUIZ: What is the current Canadian recommendation for IPV? List THREE risk factors for IPV or elder abuse List FOUR conditions that could be triggered by abuse The Canadian Task Force on Preventative Healthcare (CTFPHC) is another great source of national guidelines -- even for subjects you might not expect. Most of you have probably seen their breast cancer and diabetes screening guidelines. But did you know they also sometimes review external guidelines for validity and applicability in Canada? For an example, look to their review of American guidelines for screening for intimate partner violence. While the US Preventative Services Task Force recommends screenin

Don't Miss These Croup Imitators

SHORT ANSWER MANAGEMENT POP QUIZ: List FOUR deadly conditions that mimic the clinical presentation of croup. List FIVE management steps for a patient with croup. List THREE viruses that cause croup. Croup is a common reason toddlers visit the emergency room, especially in winter months. While the etiology is viral (parainfluenza, RSV, influenza), be wary of the croup “imitators” that could be deadly if not recognized early: - Foreign body aspiration - Epiglottis - Congenital defects (i.e. laryngomalacia) - Anaphylaxis Remember these 5 management steps: 1. Reassure patient AND the parents 2. Humidified O2 3. Fever Control 4. Dexamethasone 0.6mg/kg 5. Nebulized epine
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