Four Tricky Tetanus Tips

Can you figure out the tricks in the tetanus tales below? 1. THE BOOSTER SHOT A 22-year-old male presents to your clinic with a minor laceration with a clean wound. His last vaccine was when he received Td at age 11 when he cut his finger climbing an old barbed wire fence. What vaccine should you give? (Hint: it's NOT Td) 2. THE BOMB BLAST You are a Canadian Forces medical officer in Afghanistan and a 13-year-old girl is brought to your UMS (unit medical station). She was in the vicinity of a bomb blast and, other than coughing up a bit of sand, she has no visible wounds, fractures, or lacerations. What is your management? 3. THE BRICK WALL A 19-year-old soccer goalie has his ball-saving div

ChroNEC disease in your practice and on the exam

SHORT ANSWER MANAGEMENT POP QUIZ: What are 2 things that you would discuss with a patient about his/her chronic disease and document in the chart? (Answer below.) (answer to the pop quiz: Action Plan, DNR status) Why Does The Review Course in Family Medicine spell it chroNEC, and not chronic? Chronic disease management is an increasing part of the overall workload of Family Physicians, so that makes it an excellent topic for the exam. It can be the easily thought of hypertension, chronic kidney disease, or diabetes but don't forget about AIDS, osteoarthritis, and mental illness as chronic diseases now as well. With any chronic disease visit, either in real life or on the exam, think ab

Helpful Mnemonic for Pediatric Limps

SHORT ANSWER MANAGEMENT POP QUIZ: - What is the most common causative organism in paediatric osteomyelitis? - What patient populations are at higher risk for SCFE? - What is the best haematological test for septic arthritis of the hip? (Answers are in the blog post below.) Every time a concerned parent brings a child with a limp in to see me in clinic or the emergency department I say ‘progressive idiopathic avascular necrosis of the femoral head’ under my breath because it just rolls off the tongue so easily. Not. This is an area that is rife with risk and a missed diagnosis. A recent article in Annals of EM has a great way to remember the diagnoses that you can’t miss! So think about LIMPS
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