Bedside Tip: If You See This, Consult ENT

SHORT ANSWER MANAGEMENT QUIZ: 1. Name the most common location from where nosebleeds originate 2. List five potential causative factors 3. List three possible indications for hospitalization in a patient with epistaxis Did you know that 90% of nosebleeds resolve with pinching just below the nasal bone and packing? If you have good control of bleeding after packing the anterior nasal cavity, but still see bleeding down the back of the throat, time to consult your ENT colleagues to rule out a posterior bleed. ANSWERS: 1. Kiesselbach’s plexus/Little’s Area 2. a) Nose picking b) Acute infection (i.e. rhinosinusitis) c) Facial trauma d) Blood dyscrasias e) Anticoagulant medications 3. a) Hemody

Do You Know This Must-Ask Croup Question?

SNAP SAMPs: 1. List five differential diagnoses, other than croup, that may cause stridor in a child. 2. What is the most common causative organism responsible for croup? 3. What is the primary management priority for a patient with suspected croup? 4. List three treatments for suspected mild croup (if medications, give route, dose and frequency) Infectious respiratory illnesses, such as croup, peak in the fall and winter...but don’t get tricked by a SAMP stem involving stridor in a child if the season is mentioned! Make sure to rule out foreign body ingestion, a commonly overlooked differential diagnosis for stridor in a child. Answers: 1. a) Foreign body ingestion b) Epiglottitis c) Cong
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