"I am Feeling Forgetful, Doc": Do You Know the Next Step?

SNAP SAMP: What is the difference between DEMENTIA and MILD COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT? List FOUR diagnostic criteria for delirium How many diagnostic criteria are required to make a diagnois of delirium? List SIX laboratory investigations you would order for a patient with new-onset dementia. Answers are in the blog post below Approach to patient with new cognitive concerns: STEP 1: RULE OUT DELIRIUM Use the confusion assessment method (CAM) Diagnosis of delirium requires criteria 1 and 2, plus either 3 or 4 Acute onset and fluctuating course AND Inattention Disorganized thinking OR Altered level of consciousness (alertness) STEP 2: RULE OUT DEPRESSION Use PHQ2 1. Are you down, depressed, hopeles

Are You Feeling The Pressure Of The CCFP Exam?

SNAP SAMP (Answers Below): ​A 24 year-old female presents to you with a blood pressure of 150/90… Name 4 causes of secondary hypertension Assuming you diagnose new hypertension in this patient, what initial investigations would you order for this patient (name at least 5)? Name 1 CLASS of medication that you should avoid in this patient Name 2 examples of hypertensive emergency Hypertension is a NEED-TO-KNOW TOPIC Here are some tips to remember: DO screen all patients at all appropriate visits Automated cuffs are BETTER than your manual skills (NEW in the CHEP guidelines) DO NOT use ACEi as first line therapy in Black patients with uncomplicated HTN DO NOT use beta-blockers in patients >60 w
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Calgary  - The Review Course in Family Medicine Exam Prep
Vancouver - The Review Course in Family Medicine Exam Prep

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