Keep your Eye on the new Diabetic Retinopathy Guidelines

SNAP SAMP: Daisy, a 67-year-old woman with Type 2 diabetes, presents to your clinic with her daughter Skye (age 23) and her grandson Forrest, 9, who both have Type 1 diabetes. All three of them received a diagnosis of diabetes on November 1, the day after Halloween. At what age do you recommend screening for diabetic retinopathy, and how often do you recommend screening, for Daisy? Skye? Forrest? Skye is planning to begin conception of a second child. What do you recommend regarding diabetic retinopathy screening? Daisy read on her local seniors' Facebook group about the importance of antioxidants and asks if these are recommended for diabetic retinopathy. What do you reply? Answers are belo

Are you ready for the big PIG storm?

Do you remember the order to give medications in Thyrotoxicosis? SNAP SAMP: What are 5 causes for Thyroid Storm? What are 4 medications and the rationale for their use in treatment? Is there one drug that you should give after the other? Answers in the blog post below. THYROID STORM TREATMENT Thyroid storm is uncommon enough in real life practice but something that could show up in your rural or urban emergency department so it’s easy to see it walking onto the pages of your examination. DID YOU KNOW – Iodine administration should be at LEAST ONE HOUR after giving a thionamide such as PTU or Methimazole to prevent the Iodine from being used as a source for new hormone synthesis. ANSWERS: Cau

Memory Tip: The Menopause 5

SNAP SAMP (BONUS -- Four-in-one SAMP question): Wherever it says "[MENOPAUSE SYMPTOM]" you can insert ANY one of the following four symptoms: Hot flashes / urge incontinence / stress incontinence / sleep disturbance Jo, 53, comes to your office with concerns about [MENOPAUSE SYMPTOM]. She says they are not bothersome enough to consider starting a medication, but she would like to know if you have any other suggestions that could be helpful. Can you remember the lifestyle interventions for the above menopause symptoms? If you remember the MENOPAUSE 5, you can. It turns out that the MENOPAUSE 5 are effective behavioural interventions for any [MENOPAUSE SYMPTOM], even if you don't remember

4 NOTs for NUTS: New undescended testicle tips. PLUS 3 DON'Ts.

SNAP SAMP - Answers below: At what age do you refer a boy with an undescended testicle? What is the appropriate imaging for a boy with undescended testicle? What is the correct position in which a pediatric patient should be examined for testicular concerns? List FIVE locations where a palpable ectopic testicle may be found. Recently published in Canadian Family Physician (so probably a good thing to know for your exam if it’s in there) is an update on when to refer boys with testicular issues. Here are the main points: REFER IF your patient meets 1 of the 4 NOTs - the testicle is Not descended: Palpable but undescended - refer at 6 months* Not positioned properly: Palpable but in the wrong

CCFP Exam - Driving, Concussions, COPD.

For the first time ever, The Review Course is presenting a video version of our popular Exam Tips Study Newsletter! This edition features the latest updates from the 2017 Family Medicine Forum in Montreal. SNAP SAMP: List EIGHT factors to consider when assessing fitness to drive, according to the 2017 CMA Drivers Guide. List FOUR conditions to rule out in a patient with prolonged concussion symptoms. A child is determined to have prolonged concussion symptoms after how many weeks? An adult is determined to have prolonged concussion symptoms after how many weeks? List FOUR risk factors for patients who have increased likelihood of COPD exacerbation. Answers are based on FMF 2017 presentations
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