Clean Up on Medical Management of “Tide Pod Challenge” exam questions

SPECIAL NOTE: At The Review Course in Family Medicine, we do our best to accommodate special dietary requests. However, please note our caterers are not able to supply Tide Pods or detergent pods of any other variety. SNAP SAMP: A 14-year-old presents to your emergency department brought by friends who announce that your patient has successfully completed the “Tide Pod Challenge” in an effort to increase their number of Instagram followers. After you take a moment to ponder the actual definition of “success,” you begin to assess your patient, who is obtunded, tachypneic and has remarkably brightly-coloured vomitus on their face and shirt. Other than laboratory investigations and physician co

NRP? No problem

SNAP SAMP: What is the recommended starting range for % of Oxygen supplementation for those born <35 weeks gestational age? List FIVE recommendations to optimize thermoregulation for infants <32 weeks gestational age. For which neonates is delayed cord clamping recommended? (Answers are in the blog post below.) Canadian Updates to the Neonatal Resuscitation Program In 2017 the Canadian Pediatric Society put together a summary of changes relating to the delivery of NRP, in a Canadian context. Here are some key concepts. DELAY Delayed cord clamping is recommended for VIGOROUS term and preterm infants AIRWAY 21% Oxygen for a term infant to start and 21%-30% for < 35 weeks gestational age.

Which is best: Kernig, Brudzinski, or Jolt Accentuation?

Marie is a 31 year old female who reports a one-week history of rhinorrhea, cough and generalized unwell. In the last 2 days, she has had a progressively worsening headache and photophobia. You begin to examine her with concerns around potential meningitis. SNAP SAMP: Name THREE physical exam findings you may look for with suspected meningitis? What is your immediate NEXT STEP in management? List FOUR additional steps to your management. What are TWO most common organisms in meningitis in adults? What is ONE additional step of management that needs to completed once the diagnosis is confirmed? Answers: 1) Fever Altered LOC or mental status changes (confusion, lethargy, irritability) Nuchal r

To pee or not to pee: Pro pointers for pediatric pee problems

Jodi is a 2 year old girl with fever who presents to your rural emergency department. Jodi's mother reports that she has been recently fatigued and complaining of non-specific abdominal pain. SNAP SAMP: List TWO risk factors that increase UTI in children. What are THREE common organisms in UTI? Name TWO potential complications of UTI. How do you obtain a urine sample from this 2 year old girl? What are THREE steps in your management of this child? Answers: 1) Posterior urethral valves Vesicoureteral reflux Recent instrumentation Constipation 2) KEEPS mnemonic: K - Klebsiella E - Enterococcus E - E. Coli (80%) P - Proteus S - Staph (15%) 3) Pylenonephritis Acute renal failure Sepsis Abscess 4
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