Memory trick: Screening in Preconception & Prenatal Periods

SNAP SAMP: List FIVE items on a patient's history that would warrant prenatal referral to Medical Genetics. Answers in the blog post below. Feeling overwhelmed with the number of items to remember in a SAMP question about preconception/prenatal screening? Simplify the ethnicity based screening recommendations by remembering the four main recommendations: A = Ashkenazi If your patient has Jewish Ashkenazi ancestry, they should have an Ashkenazi Jewish Screening Panel ordered (for hematopoietic stem cell abnormalities) B = Blood If your patient is not Caucasian with Northern European ancestry or First Nations/Inuit, you will likely need a hemoglobin electrophoresis to screen for hemoglobinop

DOUBLE BONUS! GI Bleed Double Topic WITH Double the Exam Tips

SNAP SAMP: Martin is a 62 year old gentleman who presents to your rural emergency department reporting blood in his stool. He has a history of constipation. He denies any current abdominal pain, nor any presyncope or syncope. His vital signs are as follows: HR 78, BP 110/82, RR16, O2 99% RA. Questions: How do you tell on history whether this is potentially an upper vs. lower GI bleed? What anatomical structure differentiates an upper GI bleed from a lower GI bleed? Name 2 risk factors that may predict a more serious GI bleed. List 3 causes for upper GI bleed and 3 causes of lower GI bleed. What are 3 lab tests you would want to obtain? Answers: Upper GI bleeds often appear as melena (dark bl
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