Are you ready for the big PIG storm?

Do you remember the order to give medications in Thyrotoxicosis? SNAP SAMP: What are 5 causes for Thyroid Storm? What are 4 medications and the rationale for their use in treatment? Is there one drug that you should give after the other? Answers in the blog post below. THYROID STORM TREATMENT Thyroid storm is uncommon enough in real life practice but something that could show up in your rural or urban emergency department so it’s easy to see it walking onto the pages of your examination. DID YOU KNOW – Iodine administration should be at LEAST ONE HOUR after giving a thionamide such as PTU or Methimazole to prevent the Iodine from being used as a source for new hormone synthesis. ANSWERS: Cau

On your exam, could you list FOUR options for emergency contraception?

“Doctor, I need Plan B - I’m worried because we didn’t use a condom on Friday night!” SNAP SAMP: List THREE counselling points for a patient who presents for emergency contraception, other than medication. Answers below. The topic of emergency contraception is evolving and now you will be able to confidently counsel patients, like this one, with the most up to date recommendations. Emergency contraception efficacy depends on dose timing and method used. Here are the options, listed in descending order of efficacy: 1. Copper IUD - if inserted up to 7 days after post unprotected intercourse, 99.9% effective (requires prescription and skilled provider) 2. Ella (30mg ullipristal x 1 dose) - if t

DIABETES DRIVING DON’TS and the 2-4-6 Rule

NEW CHAPTER in the 2018 Canadian Diabetes Association guidelines: Diabetes and Driving SNAP SAMP: A 62-year-old female with Type 2 diabetes presents to your clinic. She has had hypoglycemia in the past but did not feel any symptoms of low blood glucose. What strategies can reduce her risk of hypoglycemia? List SIX. She reports she is leaving on a lengthy road trip to Las Vegas tomorrow. What recommendations do you make for self-monitoring of blood glucose if she is driving? Answers are in the blog post below. "Can I keep my job as a truck driver now that I have diabetes?" If your patient on an exam or in clinic asks you about driving with diabetes, think about The Review Course 2-4-6 Rule fo
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