How do you lower back pain?

BONUS: See the helpful Low Back Pain tool - link at the end of the blog post Low back pain is the second most common reason patients present to their family doctor, (1) walk-in clinic or emergency room, and therefore a likely possibility for a SAMP or SOO. So what are key learning points about that, sometimes DEADLY, lower back pain? Firstly, most acute back pain is mechanical, and therefore does NOT require imaging. Don’t let a patient with acute back pain for less than 4-6 weeks and no red flags push you into ordering an X-ray or MRI. Studies show that this can actually cause more harm than good to the patient (2) and Choosing Wisely Canada delves into this topic as well. Remember to ru

How D.I.A.P.E.R.S. can help YOU on your exam

No, we don't mean wearing them... SNAP SAMP: You are covering for a long term care facility and a nurse asks you to assess a 86 year old man who is presenting with urinary incontinence. Questions: Name 3 types/classifications of urinary incontinence. Describe 4 transient, short term or modifiable causes of incontinence. Name 4 conservative management strategies to advise patients who are presenting with urinary incontinence. Name 2 medications that can be used for patients presenting with urge incontinence/over active bladder. Answers: - Urge incontinence - Stress incontinence - Overflow/retention - Mixed, functional - Neurogenic Use mnemonic DIAPERS: Delirium Infection (UTI) At

Speakers including Dr. Mike Kirlew announced for The Review Course - Fall 2018

The Review Course is pleased to announce the speaker line up for The Review Course - Fall 2018 in Toronto. Speakers will include Dr. Mike Kirlew, Dr. Leon Waye, Dr. Jemy Joseph, Dr. Simon Moore, and Dr. Paul Dhillon. Register Now for The Review Course - Fall 2018 Capacity is limited! Dr. Kirlew is well-known for the free Dr. Mike Kirlew Podcasts helping residents prepare for the CCFP exam. Learn more about our faculty This is our only course for Fall 2018. After initially selling out, we have secured a larger venue so capacity has been expanded! Be sure to register now if you would like to attend. See you there!
Previous and future planned cities include:
Vancouver - The Review Course in Family Medicine Exam Prep
Calgary  - The Review Course in Family Medicine Exam Prep
Toronto - The Review Course in Family Medicine Exam Prep
Calgary  - The Review Course in Family Medicine Exam Prep
Vancouver - The Review Course in Family Medicine Exam Prep

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