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Several other organizations not affiliated with the CFPC or The Review course offer exam preparation materials for sale. These include: Books Guide to the Family Medicine Exam - (rated 3/5 stars) - the Saskatchewan "Red Book" textbook by Dr. Megan Dash sold on Amazon Family Medicine Notes - (no rating) Textbook by Dr. Danielle O'Toole sold on Big Cartel See their FAQ page for a discount code if purchasing in bulk The Ninety Nine: Study Guide for Canadian Family Medicine Residents - (no rating) - E-book by Dr. Dimitre Ranev sold on Amazon List of other Family Medicine Textbooks - note not all of these are specific to the CFPC exam Exam Questions - offers 125 sample SAMP que

CCFP Exam - FREE Study Resources for SOOs and SAMPs (Updated March 2019)

Please report any broken links. Free, high quality, and exam relevant, what could be better? It is essential that you find your own particular study methods for the exam but no matter who you are you need to review the CFPC website and Resources (listed below). Doing the sample CFPC SAMPs on the website at least once is a must. We recommend doing a few SAMPs right at the start of residency to get a flavour of the level of difficulty and the style of the examination. EXAM STUDY RESOURCES Study Tips Weekly Email - The Review Course sends out an exam study tip email every week. Be sure to sign up! SOO Success Infographic - Free for anyone who signs up for The Review Course Study Tips e-mail FR

NEVER MISS THIS: Non-accidental trauma

Identifying non-accidental trauma is a major challenge for any physician. We are the first-line advocates and have a responsibility to report any suspicion of child abuse. When should I be considering Non-accidental Trauma (NAT)? ALWAYS think about it. Especially when pediatric patients have fractures or ecchymosis where: Mechanism does not fit the injury There is a delayed presentation in seeking medical attention or Multiple presentations for trauma or fractures. History, history, history! 4-year-old boy is brought in by his mother three days after falling down the stairs. He has not been walking since his fall. You notice posterior leg ecchymosis, chest ecchymosis and a very quiet disheve
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Calgary  - The Review Course in Family Medicine Exam Prep
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