February 22, 2020

1. Pregnancy-Related Cardiovascular Risk Indicators

Primary care approach to postpartum management and prevention of future disease

Monica Graves, Kelly Howse, Jessica Pudwell and Graeme N. Smith

Canadian Family Physician December 2019, 65 (12) 883-889;

View the Pregnancy-...

November 30, 2019

Editor’s note: Once again, an alum of The Review Course in Family Medicine has earned the TOP MARK on the CCFP exam. Congratulations to Dr. Botto who joins the growing list of The Review Course faculty & alum who have won awards for their CCFP exam marks! We asked Dr....

October 12, 2019

Changes in the IDSA Guidelines for Pneumonia 2019

WHAT'S NEW in PNEUMONIA? (or should we say "WHAT'S PNEU?") 

Take a look at the infographic below for a birds-eye view on the updates for the 2019 Pneumonia Guidelines from the IDSA and ATS.

September 11, 2019

Slow, Shaky, Stiff: What are the next steps for Family Physicians?

The 2019 Canadian Parkinson Disease (PD) Guidelines were just released this week, with some must-know changes!

POP QUIZ - TRUE / FALSE: The 2019 guidelines now recommend brain imaging for all patients sus...

July 8, 2019

For your benefit we have compiled a list of the SOO exam and SAMP exam for years to come, as indicated by the CFPC exam office. As well, you will find previous exam dates. 


Exam Dates: October 16-18, 2020
Application dates for Residency Eligible Can...

(And in real life urban or rural practice. It’s intimidating to start at first but very straightforward.)

Here’s how.

Confirm gestational age. Ultrasound is no longer required for on-label use. You can confirm gestational age by a certain LMP and bimanual examination OR...

Reference: SOGC, Guidelines for the Management of a Pregnant Trauma Patient.

You are working as a rural emergency physician and EMS patches in announcing that they are 10 minutes away with a 28-year-old female at 36-week gestation. She was involved in a multi-vehicle ac...

Don’t let an exam question about sleep disorders keep you up at night! Defined as a recurrent, poor sleep quantity or quality that impairs a patient’s function, insomnia loves to pop up in SOOs and SAMPs.

The DSM-5 has over 20 sleep disorders listed; make sure you can l...

ACLS was UPDATED in late 2018! Here is a brief summary of pertinent changes:

Basic Life Support Changes

Excellent compression with minimum interruptions are paramount (no big surprise there). Compression depth of at least 5cm and no more than 6cm. Extra focus this time a...

This month’s CFP journal contains a new Opioid Use Guideline - it contains key points you need to know as a Family Physician.

This topic is increasing in importance in primary care, and because this resource was so helpful, we wanted you to have a deeper dive into the k...

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INFOGRAPHIC: Updates for the 2019 Pneumonia Guidelines

October 12, 2019

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