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2019 TOP 6 CFP Infographics

1. Pregnancy-Related Cardiovascular Risk Indicators

Primary care approach to postpartum management and prevention of future disease

Monica Graves, Kelly Howse, Jessica Pudwell and Graeme N. Smith

Canadian Family Physician December 2019, 65 (12) 883-889;

View the Pregnancy-Related Cardiovascular Infographic:

2. Managing Hypertension in Primary Care

Canadian Family Physician October 2019, 65 (10) 725-729;

View the Hypertension Infographic:

3. Traveler's Diarrhea

Kelly A. Grindrod, Sherilyn K.D. Houle and Heidi Fernandes

Canadian Family Physician July 2019, 65 (7) 483-486;

4. Managing Opioid Use Disorder in Primary Care

PEER simplified guideline Christina Korownyk, Danielle Perry, Joey Ton, Michael R. Kolber, Scott Garrison, Betsy Thomas, G. Michael Allan, Cheryl Bateman, Raquel de Queiroz, Dorcas Kennedy, Wiplove Lamba, Jazmin Marlinga, Tally Mogus, Tony Nickonchuk, Eli Orrantia, Kim Reich, Nick Wong, Nicolas Dugré and Adrienne J. Lindblad Canadian Family Physician May 2019, 65 (5) 321-330;

5. Simplifying QT Prolongation for Busy Clinicians

Kelly A. Grindrod and Jeff Nagge Canadian Family Physician April 2019, 65 (4) 268-270;

6. Asthma Action Plans for Adults

New evidence-based tool to guide the creation of asthma action plans for adults

Andrew Kouri, Alan Kaplan, Louis-Philippe Boulet and Samir Gupta Canadian Family Physician February 2019, 65 (2) 103-106;

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