Don't miss: Abnormal Vitals


Missed abnormal vital signs are a huge source of liability. When working in ER always either circle the provided vital signs, or re-write them in the physical exam note, or take the vital signs yourself – this is even more important if a pa...

September 22, 2015

In case you work in a practice with very little ethnic diversity (like some places in Canada that I have lived), you may not be well-prepared to manage a patient who is a recent immigrant. The exam does cover immigrant health, though, and you want to be sure you are ab...

September 6, 2015


There are a few areas in exam study that really cut across all of the ‘traditional’ medical topics that you might spend time studying for and Disability is one of those topics.


Topics such as this can be difficult to study for as there are no defined guidelines and no...

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