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About The Review Course

Why did we create

The Review Course?


The Review Course is two days of highly-rated, fast-paced lectures by recent CCFP grads who wish this course existed when we were residents! We want to help you prepare for the CCFP exam. See our FAQ or reviews from past attendees from years past.

Who should take The Review Course?


If you want a high-yield review PLUS updates from our annual literature review on the 105 (formerly 99) topics, sign up now! The Review Course is loved by Residents & Practice-eligible doctors writing the CCFP exam, and helps Experienced Primary Care Providers stay up to date.

Download FREE
SOO Infographic


As recent CCFP grads, we know that a few minutes of regular studying adds up quickly when it comes to CCFP exam preparation. So,we created a FREE SOO success infographic to teach you how to ace the SOOs - DOWNLOAD it for free!

Dr. Paul Dhillon Teaching at The Review Course in Family Medicine
Dr. Michlle Yee, Family Docto and Emergency Physician, teaching Family Medicine residents about the CCFP exam at The Review Course
Studying for the CCFP Exam at The Review Course in Family Medicine

Meet Our Founders

Dr. Simon Moore MD CCFP FCFP
Former President, Resident Doctors of Canada
Winner, 2017 CFPC Award of Excellence
Winner, 2019 BCCFP Exceptional Teacher


"Residents in other specialties have review courses, but nothing else like this existed for us in family med - which is why we created The Review Course. I hate boring lectures and am excited that we host a productive, interesting course for everyone who attends."

Headshot - Paul Dhillon.jpg
Dr. Paul Dhillon CCFP (EM)
Winner, 2013 CFPC Murray Stalker Award
Winner, 2017 CMA Young Leader Award
Winner, 2018 CFPC Early Career Award
Society of Rural Physicians 2024 Rural Leadership Award


"This is the course that I wish I had access to while studying for the family medicine exam. It's designed to not only help you learn the topics but to prepare you for a stress-free and successful exam." 



"TAKE THE COURSE. Short, concise, up to date, worth the time and money. Good teachers, good food. I don't feel as overwhelmed as I did before."

Dr. R., Calgary

The Review Course Attendee

"So amazing! I feel ready to write my CCFP now with confidence. A DO NOT MISS!"

Dr. S., Sault St. Marie

The Review Course Attendee

"Excellent exam strategies. Good investment in your education & career.Why wouldn't you go to be more prepared for the most important exam of your career?"

Dr. A.M., Vancouver

The Review Course Attendee

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