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Dozens of brand-new, original SAMPs - from journal articles relevant to Canadian Family Practice  

The feedback we received on our previous National Practice SAMP Examinations was so positive, so we've done it again: we have published the 2020 National Practice SAMP Examination from The Review Course in Family Medicine, containing 39 peer-reviewed SAMP questions to help you prepare.

The 2019 & 2020 National Practice SAMP e-books are organized just like the 2018 National Practice SAMP which you can download for free

In October 2020, we released the new SAMP pack for The 105 Topics, with questions that focus on the six new topics.

Due to the nature of this product as an electronic resource, sorry but no refunds can be provided.

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This new SAMP pack for The 105 Topics has dozens of peer-reviewed question to help you focus on the six new topics.

Be sure to also check out our infographics on The 105 Topics.

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2019 National Practice SAMP
2020 National Practice SAMP
COMBO PACK: 2019 & 2020 National SAMP

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Everyone knows that there are 99 topics you need to know for the CCFP exam. However, the official 99 topics are outdated and incomplete.


There are many things that you need to know to be a competent Family Physician that are not found in the 99 topics.


We’ve got your back.

At The Review Course, we’ve created the peer-reviewed resource The OTHER 99 Topics: key points not fully covered in the 99 topics but important to know as you prepare for the exam and for practice. Examples from The Other 99 topics (not present in the 99 topics):

  • Opioid Prescribing

  • Medical Assistance in Dying

  • Gender and Sexuality

  • Autism

What is
The Review Course?


The Review Course is two days of highly-rated, fast-paced lectures by recent CCFP grads who wish this course existed when we were residents! We want to help you prepare for the 99 topics you need to know for the CCFP exam...and more. See our FAQ or reviews from past attendees.

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Calgary  - The Review Course in Family Medicine Exam Prep
Vancouver - The Review Course in Family Medicine Exam Prep

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