Priority Topics for the CCFP Exam: SAMPs and SOOs

If you're being taught the 99 topics, you're out of date.

The Review Course faculty, however, have known this for years. That's why attendees of The Review Course attendees have been given The Other 99 Topics since 2017 - we work hard to make sure you are prepared.


The CFPC has now provided an updated list. In May 2020, the CFPC added new items to the Priority Topics & Key Features, releasing the official list that is now referred to as The 105 Topics for the CCFP exam.

What's new in the 105 topics?

In addition to minor updates to a few topics, a number of new topics were added. All of these are taught at The Review Course:
  • Heart failure

  • Renal failure

  • Shortness of breath

  • Chronic Pain

  • Pain

  • Rash


Need-to-know MAJOR THEMES for the CCFP Exam.
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What are the CFPC 105 Topics?

The 105 Topics (updated from the 99 topics in 2020) for the CCFP exam is the upcoming CFPC's Priority Topics and Key Features document, the core topics family medicine residents should study as they prepare for the CCFP exam. The Review Course reviews all of the topics in three days.

CCFP prep: How should I study?


Start early. Focus on recent Canadian guidelines and diagnosis and management of common Family Practice conditions, like those in the 105 topics. You MUST practice if you want to pass the family medicine oral exams; see our free resource list.

What is The Review Course?

The Review Course is three days of highly-rated, fast-paced lectures by recent CCFP grads who wish this course existed when we were residents! We want to help you prepare for the CCFP exam. See our FAQ or reviews from past attendees.

What is the CCFP exam?


The CCFP exam, or the Certification of the College of Family Physicians of Canada exam, is a two-day written and oral examination. It tests Family Practice residents or practice-eligible physicians for their readiness to practice Family Medicine.

What is a SOO?

What is a SAMP?


The Simulated Office Orals (SOO) are the oral exam component of the CCFP exam, composed of five 15-minute stations in which the simulated patient is a physician examiner. The Short Answer Management Problems (SAMP) are the written component.

When is the CCFP exam?


October 16-18, 2020


April 14-18, 2021


October 15-17, 2021


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