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  • The Review Course in Family Medicine

How a children's book can help you study for the CCFP exam

The Review Course in Family Medicine is proudly launching an innovative new CCFP exam study tool – a children's book which is actually a study guide for parents preparing for the Family Medicine certification exam.

On every page the illustrations contain things that Family Doctors need to know when studying for the CCFP exam and for clinical practice:

  • Developmental milestones

  • Pediatric safety pearls

  • The Review Course Exam Habits for the CCFP Exam

These are all beautifully woven into the illustrations in the book - easy to learn while you read the charming story to the little ones in your life.

This children’s book tells the story of so many Family Medicine resident physicians in Canada who have had to balance the demands of medical training while raising children.

How to Order

The book is available to purchase at Amazon as a printed paperback and as a Kindle e-book.

Choose from two options:



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