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  • Dr Simon Moore MD CCFP

CFPC Exam Study Resources for purchase (Updated March 2022)

Several other organizations not affiliated with the CFPC or The Review course offer exam preparation materials for sale. These include:


Exam Questions


Other Courses

You may find the above resources helpful to complement you as you prepare, but remember, The Review Course is currently the ONLY nation-wide preparation course that offers a fast-paced and high-yield review of all of the 105 topics you need to know for the Canadian family practice examination.

As well - none of the above teach The Review Course Exam Habits which help you ace the SOOs and SAMPs - so register today to ensure you are prepared!

Our attendees have told us that The Review Course is "worth traveling for" and "worth the time and money." See more reviews from our attendees

The Review Course does not endorse the content of the websites mentioned above.



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