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  • Dr. Emma Galloway MD CCFP

More Pearls from SOGC's Contraception Consensus


  • What is more effective for contraception for females - tubal ligation or IUD?

  • What is the minimum age for tubal ligation surgery, as recommended by the SOGC?

  • List THREE options for emergency contraception.

Below are three more pearls from the SOGC's new Canadian Contraception Consensus so you can make sure you are suggesting the latest, guideline-based care! (See our post with the previous four here.)

5. Did you know a progesterone IUD is more effective than a tubal ligation and about equivalent to vasectomy? Make sure any patient desiring permanent sterilization has been well counselled about the efficacy and safety of IUDs.

6. Age and parity alone are not contraindications to permanent sterilization; if your 21 year old patient is capable, understands the permanent nature of the procedure and does not want children, referral is indicated!

7. Ullipristal, unlike levonorgestrel, will actually prevent ovulation when used for emergency contraception. It also does not have the same weight-efficacy issues as LNG. Consider offering this to women who may be just about to ovulate, or with BMI >25 who are not interested in a copper IUD.

These were my favourite pearls from review of the first three chapters; the fourth should be coming out this spring, and I look forward to telling you what else is new at The Review Course in August! Our Early Bird Rate ends soon so be sure to sign up now.

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