• Dr. Kaitlin Dupuis MD CCFP

Don't Miss These Croup Imitators


  • List FOUR deadly conditions that mimic the clinical presentation of croup.

  • List FIVE management steps for a patient with croup.

  • List THREE viruses that cause croup.

Croup is a common reason toddlers visit the emergency room, especially in winter months. While the etiology is viral (parainfluenza, RSV, influenza), be wary of the croup “imitators” that could be deadly if not recognized early:

- Foreign body aspiration

- Epiglottis

- Congenital defects (i.e. laryngomalacia)

- Anaphylaxis

Remember these 5 management steps:

1. Reassure patient AND the parents

2. Humidified O2

3. Fever Control

4. Dexamethasone 0.6mg/kg

5. Nebulized epinephrine

6. Observation and frequent reassessment

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