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  • Dr. Paul Dhillon MB BCh CCFP

ChroNEC disease in your practice and on the exam


What are 2 things that you would discuss with a patient about his/her chronic disease and document in the chart?

(Answer below.)

(answer to the pop quiz: Action Plan, DNR status)

Why Does The Review Course in Family Medicine spell it chroNEC, and not chronic? Chronic disease management is an increasing part of the overall workload of Family Physicians, so that makes it an excellent topic for the exam. It can be the easily thought of hypertension, chronic kidney disease, or diabetes but don't forget about AIDS, osteoarthritis, and mental illness as chronic diseases now as well. With any chronic disease visit, either in real life or on the exam, think about chroNEC! Is this a New issue? Is this an Exacerbation? Is this a Complication?

Key tips to remember for any SOO or SAMP from the CFPC Best Advice Guide are: 1. Always remember to involve the circle of care. Ask your patient if they would like to have a family/support person visit with them and offer to arrange a group visit. 2. Coordinating care - Ensure you are updating OT/Physio/HomeCare/Pharmacy of any changes in your plans and finding out if they are making changes as well. 3. Develop WRITTEN action plans for any exacerbation to avoid complications and unnecessary ER visits. Ensure your patient is able to understand the plan (patient literacy) 4. As a Super-GP with unlimited resources in a SOO don't forget to offer same-day visits, longer office hours, and the freedom to call you at the office at any stage if they are concerned about their condition, ALONG with regular scheduled visits. 5. Don't forget to think about the disease and disease process in terms of the modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors! 6. Don't forget the DNR discussion and document it!


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