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  • Dr. Kaitlin Dupuis MD CCFP

Do You Know This Must-Ask Croup Question?


1. List five differential diagnoses, other than croup, that may cause stridor in a child.

2. What is the most common causative organism responsible for croup?

3. What is the primary management priority for a patient with suspected croup?

4. List three treatments for suspected mild croup (if medications, give route, dose and frequency)

Infectious respiratory illnesses, such as croup, peak in the fall and winter...but don’t get tricked by a SAMP stem involving stridor in a child if the season is mentioned! Make sure to rule out foreign body ingestion, a commonly overlooked differential diagnosis for stridor in a child.


1. a) Foreign body ingestion

b) Epiglottitis

c) Congenital airway anomalies

d) Retropharyngeal abscess

e) Upper airway injury

2. Parainfluenza virus type 1

3. Airway protection

4. a) Fever control with acetaminophen 15mg/kg PO/PR q 6h PRN

b) Dexamethasone 0.15-0.6 mg/kg PO x 1 dose

c) Oral fluid hydration

As well, check out Dr. Dupuis' other blog post on Croup to learn other viruses that cause croup, and other important management steps!

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