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  • Dr. Raquel Botto MD CCFP


Editor’s note: Once again, an alum of The Review Course in Family Medicine has earned the TOP MARK on the CCFP exam. Congratulations to Dr. Botto who joins the growing list of The Review Course faculty & alum who have won awards for their CCFP exam marks! We asked Dr. Botto for her tips. Enjoy!

Although I was not expecting it, I got the top mark on the CCFP Exam among practice-eligible physicians. I would like to share with you how I prepared for this exam.

TOP MARK TIP #1. Don’t study alone

At The Review Course I met two other doctors who were also writing the CCFP exam in the fall. Even though we all lived in different provinces, we split The 99 Topics and made a weekly plan for what we would study each week. Then we scheduled a video call every weekend to go over the topics.

This really worked well for me because it helped me keep on track and stick to a plan. I also practiced SOOs with colleagues that lived in my city and I attended a course that had SOO simulation.

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TOP MARK TIP #2: Set aside enough study time

As we all know it's not easy to prepare for an exam in the middle of our lives. My main suggestion is that you create your own study plan according to what suits your personal and professional life. I stopped working one month before the exam to be able to study full time, and I think this was really important.

I also found it very useful to subscribe the email exam study tips, because this helped me review some random things on the go.

TOP MARK TIP #4. Be strategic about when you attend The Review Course

I attended The Review Course in January and wrote the exam in the fall. This extra time allowed me to prepare with plenty of time and to study slowly according to my availability (working full time, spending time with my family, vacation, etc).

The Review Course was very helpful – it helped me understand the structure of the exam, what I needed to focus on while studying, and what resources I should use. The course is fast-paced but it covers all the topics. I made a lot of notes in the course manual and those helped me remember important things several months later.

All the best to everyone for your preparation and for the exam!

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