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Fitness to Drive: How to Broach the Conversation with Elderly Patients

Unsure how to broach the ‘fitness to drive’ conversation with elderly drivers?

Risk stratify your patients with the Candrive tool to decide who needs further driving assessment.

Low risk drivers are at the same risk as other drivers their age of a collision, with high-risk drivers at a 5 times increased risk.

Risk stratify your patients with the Candrive tool
Candrive Risk Stratification Tool

Each section is scored and increasing points indicates increasing risk of an event.

Candrive offers doctors a unique tool to accurately assess and predict patient driving-related risks. By integrating patient data, medical history, and demographic factors, Candrive generates personalized risk scores, enabling physicians to make informed recommendations regarding their patients' ability to drive safely.

Consider using this tool in your practice and use it as a way to remember SAFETY on your SOOs.


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