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CCFP Exam 101 for R1s: Info Session and Exclusive Tips

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

CCFP Exam 101 for R1s: Info Session 2023

ZOOM Information Session:

Thursday August 10, 2023

5:30pm PST / 8:30pm EST

Attention Residents! R1s are invited to join a LIVE info session (via Zoom) on Thursday August 10, with expert information and exclusive tips from the creators of The Review Course, Canada's Only Nationwide CCFP Exam Prep Course. Practice-eligible candidates and R2s are also welcome.

Free gifts & prizes for attendees (plus BONUS gifts for the first 50 registrants):

  • ALL registrants get FREE Skin Study Guide ebook ($65 value) & NEW R1 Tips Infographic

  • WIN free registration to The Review Course

During this FREE Webinar you will master:

  1. Detailed exam anatomy (vSOOs & SAMPs) AND how this knowledge can get you extra points, according to exam markers

  2. NEW Exam Changes: What's different since your preceptors wrote the exam

  3. Key Differences: vSOOs vs OSCEs

  4. 2023 R2 Survey Results: Best Study Resources

  5. A proven Study Schedule used to earn the Silver Medal (Top CCFP Exam Mark in Canada)


Dr. Simon Moore MD CCFP Dr. Simon Moore is a top-rated lecturer and former president of CAIR (now Resident Doctors of Canada). He has been an examiner at multiple levels of medical education, and has been invited to present at multiple lectures, conferences, and resident teaching sessions internationally. He received a 2017 CCFP Award of Excellence for his outstanding contributions in his first 5 years of practice.

Maj. Paul Dhillon MBBCh CCFP Maj. Paul Dhillon is an author, a Canadian Military Major, and the winner of the Canadian Medical Assocation's 2017 Young Leader Award and the CFPC's 2018 Early Career Award. He has given conference presentations internationally and publishes on a wide variety of topics.



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