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CCFP Exam Common Questions

Your questions - answered!

Below you will find clear answers from the CFPC about common exam questions.

Which drugs are we expected to know the doses of?

You are only expected to know doses of drugs that would be used in an emergency situation,

where it might be a safety issue if you have to look up the dose first, e.g., Epinephrine.

Is Oxygen considered a drug on the exam?

Oxygen is not considered a drug or medication, but it is a treatment option. Similarly, IV fluids

is a treatment, but is not considered a medication.

Are partial marks given on the exam?

No. If a question asks for more than one write-in response, the individual will get marks for each

correct answer written down. So, if four answers are required and only two are correct, then the

score is 2/4. Each individual answer is only scored correct or incorrect, no ‘partial marks’ are

given for any single ‘close but not really correct’ answer or for an answer that is not specific


Is the at home interface with ProProctor the same as the in-person exam?

Yes. The exam interface that candidates see via ProProctor is the same as the exam interface

candidates see at test centers.

(Note from The Review Course: See comments on the Facebook group that discuss this in more detail

Should I write X-ray PA/Lateral on one line (i.e., is that a separate investigation for AP

and/or lateral)?

Yes. An investigation with its different views is considered one answer. Different imaging

modalities or areas being imaged are considered separate answers i.e., Chest Xray is one answer,

abdominal ultrasound is another answer.

Can I write “Vital Signs” as an answer?

No. This answer is too vague (just like CBC is too vague). You need to specify which vital sign

you are referring to.

Do I have to be able to calculate Well’s score, Framingham risk score, etc.?

You are expected to have a good understanding of the commonly used decision rules or

scores. To make management decisions and answer the questions, you may choose to use these

commonly used rules to calculate and interpret a score based on information given to you.

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