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Five CCFP Exam Study Tips I Wish I Knew as an R1

Even if your exam is several months away, there are several small things you can do to make your CCFP exam prep a breeze. We asked senior Family Medicine residents what they wish they knew early in residency to help them prepare.

Here are the tips for CCFP exam prep that your colleagues have provided:

1. Use guidelines early

Remember that the CCFP is a Canadian exam that covers Canadian guidelines. Get used to using these early in residency, even though your colleagues and preceptors may be using the guidelines from your local province or territory. For example, know the CTFPHC guidelines for Cervical Cancer Screening, not the BC, Alberta, or Ontario guidelines.

2. FIFE ALL your patients For the SOO exam you need to be able to FIFE patients quickly and efficiently. If you start this with every clinic patient early in residency, you’ll look like a natural when you get to the exam. Bonus tip: Use the FIFE+ you learned at The Review Course to get even more points.

3. Imagine being alone

As soon as residency ends, you’ll be on you own. So, try to come up with a complete management plan before reviewing patients with your preceptor – get used to what it is like practicing alone, so you are ready for independence well before the time comes.

4. Turn every patient into a SAMP Every patient you see in clinic is an opportunity for study. Think of a possible SAMP question that could be asked for each patient you see. If you flip to the inside back cover of The Review Course manual, using The Review Course Exam Study System will give you 25 (yes, twenty-five!) SAMP questions from any clinical scenario.



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