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The Virtual SOO: Need-to-Know for 2022 CFPC Exam Candidates

The in-person SOO is dead.

For the foreseeable future, including your 2022 Virtual SOO exam, the CFPC will be using the Practique software created by the United Kingdom-based company Fry-IT.

Here’s what you need to know about the new format.

Virtual SOO: What to Do (and Don’t)


  • Be ready to be alone in the room for 2.5 hours +15 minutes for logging in

  • Have government ID ready: Current passport or driver’s licence

  • Have drinking water available - but only in a CLEAR container

  • PEE before your exam - You can use the bathroom for approximately 10 minutes during the short waiting period between SOO cases, but you must first notify the examiner. The examination timer will NOT stop during these breaks, and your next encounter will start immediately afterward.

  • Have a laptop or desktop computer that is equipped with a built-in webcam, speakers and microphone and that your computer meets the requirements.


  • Move out of the examiner’s sight without approval

  • Have a second person enter the room

  • Have prohibited items such as books, notes, or additional electronic equipment

  • Have a phone in the examination room

  • Have multiple screens

  • Be in a location with personal or institutional firewalls

  • Have any pens & notepaper. They are NOT Permitted.

  • Worry about videotaping - the examinations are NOT recorded

What are the Next Steps?

KNOW the Basics

Review the CCFP Exam Virtual SOO Checklist, an infographic created by us at The Review Course to help you succeed

REVIEW NEW Video Resources


Call 1-800-387-6197 (choose option 1 for English or option 2 for French, then choose option 4 for examinations) and report your status.

More Questions? Email the CFPC at or ask The Review Course faculty in-person at The Review Course in Family Medicine or on Facebook



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