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Today's problems with the CCFP-EM Exam & Prometric software

Many of you have reached out to us with concerns about the exam, and there are now questions about how today's problems with the CCFP-EM exam might affect those of you writing the CCFP exam.

There are now several reports of problems with the software for the September 9, 2021 CCFP-EM exam, and

a mass cancellation for CCFP-EM exams scheduled on September 10, 2021. At the time of writing there has been no public statement from the College of Family Physicians of Canada about these reports.

This is an incredibly frustrating situation. While we are not affiliated with the CFPC we wanted to do as much as we can to help people with an exam coming up.

We have prepared a detailed statement with

  • more details about these reports

  • what this means for CCFP exam writers

  • next steps

If you have been verified as a candidate who will be writing the CCFP exam this year, you can view the details of the post at the private Facebook group for people writing the exam.



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