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NRP? No problem


  1. What is the recommended starting range for % of Oxygen supplementation for those born <35 weeks gestational age?

  2. List FIVE recommendations to optimize thermoregulation for infants <32 weeks gestational age.

  3. For which neonates is delayed cord clamping recommended?

(Answers are in the blog post below.)

Canadian Updates to the Neonatal Resuscitation Program In 2017 the Canadian Pediatric Society put together a summary of changes relating to the delivery of NRP, in a Canadian context. Here are some key concepts. DELAY

  • Delayed cord clamping is recommended for VIGOROUS term and preterm infants


  • 21% Oxygen for a term infant to start and 21%-30% for < 35 weeks gestational age.


  • Maintain room temp. at 23°C

  • Preheat the radiant warmer

  • Use a hat

  • Thermal mattress (under radiant warmer)

  • Use a polyethylene wrap


  • Don’t use Ringer’s Lactate for fluid resuscitation

  • Don’t use Naloxone for respiratory depression following maternal narcotic administration. (Use your clinical acumen here though!)

To read more about the Update for Canadian NRP providers visit the Canadian Pediatric Society article here.

REFERENCES: https://www.cps.ca/en/documents/position/neonatal-resuscitation-guidelines#ref1

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