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Just Announced - New & as Effective as the IUD?! New Birth Control Method!

What are the different options for long acting reversible contraception (LARC) in Canada?

Though it’s been used internationally for years, there’s a new option just approved by Health Canada yesterday. Nexplanon is a 68mg ETONOGESTREL subcutaneous & radiopaque implant (4cm long) that is inserted subdermally at the inner side of your patient's non-dominant upper arm.

What to tell your patients

  • Lasts for up to a maximum of 3 YEARS and then must be removed.

  • Not known if it as effective in very overweight women (the clinical studies didn’t include this population)

  • Availability in Canada is expected Fall 2020 - the price hasn’t been announced yet.

  • Summary video for patients from the NHS

How to insert the implant

Don’t forget contraindications: Bleeding, babies, clots, cancer

  1. Known or suspected pregnancy

  2. Current/past history of thrombosis/thromboembolic disorders

  3. Liver tumours (benign/malignant) or active liver disease

  4. Undiagnosed abnormal genital bleeding

  5. Known/suspected breast cancer, personal history




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